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Payment Protection Insurance is an insurance sold alongside a loan, credit card or mortgage.

It is supposed to protect you in times of need, if you are ill or lose your job. But what happens when you are sold a policy that won't protect you? Or you were forced to purchase it? Or it was just added to your loan/credit card/mortgage without telling you?

Joshua Brookes is here to help you claim back your money on a "no win, no fee" basis
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PPI on Loans

Had a loan in the last 10years?

The chances are you may have been
mis-sold PPI.
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PPI on Credit Cards

Had a credit card in the last 10years?

Biggest claim £70,371.47 on 1 credit card.
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PPI on Mortgages

Had a mortgage in the last 10years?

And asked to take out insurance to cover you should you be out of work.
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